About Us

We comprise a top class team of proposal writing trainers, business writers and report writers. We deliver training and first class writing support. We help you to satisfy bidding criteria, respond to questions effectively and to write with impact. Our services will boost your chances of winning every time.

Our clients range from government to telecommunications companies and practically every other type of organisation in between.

We Offer

  • Training in bid writing to help you boost your win rates
  • Writing Support to help you produce clear documents, reports and winning proposals
  • Templates to help you produce beautifully formatted and stylised reports and bids


How to Write Winning Proposals will help you learn how to plan, structure and develop the right messages in the right place to give you competitive advantage.

Effective Business Writing is our baseline course which we offer at a number of levels. It will help you learn how to produce clearly written ideas, reasoned emails, and well structured documents.

Business Report Writing will help you apply reasoning, logic and hierarchy to help you produce well-structured reports which are easily understood and appealing.

Presentation Skills gives you the opportunity to learn successful presentational techniques and methods in a friendly and supportive environment. You will learn how to produce and deliver content which engages, inspires and persuades.

Writing Support

We are professional writers of proposals and reports and have broad expertise in market sectors from Health to Technology. Whenever you require significant writing support, we can help.

If you seek occasional writing support, we can also help. We have created a secure web-based support environment. It enables you to ask questions and access online guides and expertise quickly and easily.


We provide custom-designed Word templates to enable you to produce beautifully formatted and stylised reports and proposals. These templates ensure:

  • Your brand, logo and colour palette are applied correctly to each page
  • Tables, charts and images are placed precisely where you want them
  • Time-consuming tasks are automated

What’s more, these templates include tips, guidance and links to SkillRise, our support environment. They enable you to produce attractive documents quickly and easily.

FREE Online Course

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